The final lesson is up and finished!!! S-Cubed! Successful Sight Singing for Middle School Teachers is complete!

YEA!  I couldn't be more thrilled!  Last July, when I made the decision to share my materials, I truly had no idea the volume of work I was about to undertake.  Hours upon hours of videotaping, creating and editing power points, learning to use Finale, learning to use Activinspire, learning to use....well...everything technology related...because I am so weak in that area.

It took nine months, and while I cannot give birth in the traditional way, there are so many similarities that I've had fun giggling about as I have compared this process to actual pregnancy. 

It's done, and it's out there for others to use and share.  I am so glad I followed through and finished.  Believe me, there were times when I thought I couldn't!

I've heard from teachers since January who've begun the program about how much it has injected fun and success into their classrooms.  It is more than just a method!  It is an approach to teaching and a philosophy too!  I am hoping lots of teachers find it!  I think it can be an awesome resource for teachers who don't enjoy the process of teaching sight singing to this very special age group!

Here is the link and the cover to the final lesson!

I just wrote this response to a colleague on ChoralNet.  She had just watched one of my YouTube videos on how I teach the concept called "Chaos"-  The independent practice time that is one of the many techniques I teach other teachers to use when they teach their young middle school beginners how to sight sing.

Glad you liked it!  
Yes!  I always tell the kids that ulimately, I want them NOT to need me!  The "Chaos" technique in S-Cubed is one of the many important skills we teach in S-Cubed.
Yesterday, I uploaded the final lesson in the Sight Singing lesson series!  I am thrilled to be finished with it.  I am hoping lots of teachers find it and benefit from it.  I've documented every single step on video, shared every lesson plan, rhythm exercise, sight singing example and teaching tip as I took my beginners from step 1 (no ability to sight sing) to total independent work as they sight sing in two parts.  They went to LGPE this week.  Here they are as they worked through the examples:
My Sixth Graders-  (All just completed the 27 lesson S-Cubed Sight Singing program.  They started in August 2013.  Worked 10-15 minutes per day)
My 7th Grade Girls- (About 30% of these students are new to S-Cubed)
My 7th Grade Boys-  (About 30% of these students are new to S-Cubed also)
My 8th Grade Mixed Choir  (All have been learning S-Cubed for at least 2 years.  Some have been doing it for 3 years)
All of the lessons are available at:

I have tried to break down each important sight singing skill and technique clearly in the S-Cubed system so that teachers can thoroughly and successfully teach and reinforce the skills that help total beginners go from no ability to sight sing to what you see above.  
I struggled enormously as I tried to learn how to teach sight singing from a book (and there are so many books out there already), so I decided to use video, power points with direct links to all teaching tips and teaching examples so that teachers could learn the techniques as quickly as possible and translate it to their own style and use it in their classroom.
I am just glad it's over!  It's taken lots of time!  Now, I get to enjoy my weekends....Oh wait....Not yet...Time to turn the page to weekend musical rehearsals!  Yippee!  :)   Oh well, summer will be here before we know it!
Dale Duncan

Have a great weekend!  I know I will!

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