Organizing and protecting your technology

Recently, I dropped my laptop that is less than a year old.  I held my breath, reached down and took a look.  The side corner of it was cracked.

This laptop contains all of my files for my entire Middle School Sight Singing program.  I have been working on documenting all of these materials for other teachers to use in their classrooms for 9 months!
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I tried to open the laptop.

...a very loud crack...but it opened.  I took a breath as I lifted it fully enough to see if the screen was cracked, and it was fine.

Then, I checked to see if the mouse worked.


I continued to check everything out thoroughly, and the computer was functioning, but the screen was hanging on by a thread.

Three weeks and $850 later, it was fixed!  Before I could take it in to the computer store to be fixed, I knew that I needed to get all of the materials backed up.  In the old days, I used a large, cumbersome object that I had to connect my computer.  Very 2002....   It took hours, and the laptop was immobile during that time.

Not anymore!
...and good riddance!

After some research, I found Backblaze.  For $5 per month, they constantly back up every single one of my files.  If I drop my computer again (heaven forbid), I can buy a new computer and have every single item backed up with no problem.   All I do is click "Restore"!

The original backup took about 4 days, but I couldn't even tell the backup was occurring other than the fact that there is a tiny little flame at the top right part of my screen.  Look for it in this picture:

Once I purchased Backblaze, I got an email confirming my purchase, and the backup began.  Once per week, I get an email that tells me the latest about my backup.  I click the email and it takes me to the screen above with the details.

I hope I don't drop this laptop again, but if I do, I can rest assured that all of my sight singing products, 250 videos for teachers and blog posts are all protected!

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