S-Cubed Level TWO!

For those who've completed the Original S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for Beginners, the next step is Level TWO which is now only available on TES!

The original series lays the ground work.  However, by the end of Level TWO, they are sight singing chromatic passages, interpreting information from the key signatures, building scales starting on any pitch, performing difficult rhythmic exercises in three parts, successfully singing large leaps in three parts, working together in 3 parts with complete independence of rhythm and pitch.  I wanted my students to demonstrate a mastery of sight singing that I was unable to show during my freshman year in college.  

During my first year in music school, I used to tape record the sight singing examples, put my headphones on and memorize them for the tests because I was not capable of actually singing them from sight.  I simply didn't have the tools.  Also, I saw too many of my peers who had learned to love singing in their high school choirs drop out of the university music school because they couldn't pass their sight singing class.  Now, my 8th graders could probably pass Freshman sight singing in most music programs, and that's exactly what I wanted when I started creating this program!

So, here it is!  I hope it helps you and your students!

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