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  1. Hi Dale! Nicole Hodge here from the FB "Im a choir director" page. I am going to make a purchase of the program for my upcoming school year and was wondering how I can get going with that. I wasn't able to jump into the entry to win it unfortunately, but would like to make a purchase of the whole 8=6-8 program if it is affordable.
    Is this something that I can take with me if I choose to leave the current district I am working in or is it only downloadable on their system?

  2. Hello Nicole! Thank you for your interest in the program. Here is the place where you purchase the program:

    Right now, it's $149. It's marked down significantly from it's normal price because summer is "low season".

    Once you get inside my online store, you can look around to learn more. There are lots of product descriptions.

    If you have other questions, shoot me an email at

    Thanks again for your interest!

  3. Dear Mr Dale
    I am a teacher from Alexandria ,Egypt . I came across your method and I wish to implement it next school year.
    My problem is that is really expensive for me. I have a question : are you going to have a sale again this summer? 200 is like half of my salary ...

    1. Hello! Thanks for your interest in S-Cubed. Can you please contact me at

  4. Hello, Dale. I have been using your S-cubed program for a year and a half. It is brilliant and perfect for students. I would like to get started with Level 2 and wondered when these would be available? I haven't been able to find them, although I am subscribed to your youtube channel, so I see you have started! :)

  5. Hi Mr. Duncan, I moved to teach middle school chorus this year after 9 years in elementary music. Your S-Cubed program has been AMAZING! I have recommended it to several teachers in my district. I know of at least one that bought the product and is loving it too.

    I was wondering if you have any music theater resources? It looks like I'll be adding that to my curriculum next year, and I'm trying to plan ahead...

    Again, thank you for your product. I'll be looking to buy S Cubed 2 for next year. :) Thank you for all you do for fellow colleagues across the country. I feel like you've helped me grow so much in my teaching by taking the guess work out of how to systematically and sequentially begin teaching sight reading to middle schoolers.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Could you please email me at Thank you!

  6. Jennifer! You made my day! I am so happy the program is working for you!

    The easiest and best musical resources I know of for teachers is Music Theater International Jr. They change the keys for the age group, they take out the things that are not appropriate for the age group, and they shorten the length.

    Good luck!

  7. Hi Dale,
    I have been using your method this year with my 6, 7, and 8th grade choirs with great results! In my school, kids can start choir in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. This means that the experience with music theory and sight singing is extremely varied in 7th and 8th grade. How can I make sure my 3rd year singers are growing and simultaneously my 1st year 8th graders are getting the basics down? How do I assess them when they are all over the place?
    I have thought of labeling them by their years in choir (3rd year singer, 2nd year singer, etc.) but have not done anything with that and am not sure how to teach and assess this way.

    1. I am glad the program is working well for you!
      You are in a challenging situation.
      In my experience, once the experienced students outnumber the inexperienced kids, the whole tide rises. The newer kids notice they are behind and work to achieve. Until then, I think you have to teach the basics. I teach Level ONE to 6th grade and then I repeat it in 8th grade. Because of scheduling issues, I can't allow new students in 8th grade chorus. For varied assessment, the best solution for you is Music Prodigy. Here is some info: You can pick and choose from the examples I've created in order to help your students where they need it most. If you have more questions, let me know!