Facebook "LIVE" this week with Mr D!

This Wednesday night, September 27th at 6:30 PM Eastern, I will host a Facebook “LIVE” session during which I will discuss some of the ways that I work to get my newest middle school singers to become invested in the work we do in our choral music classroom.  Let’s face it.   They don’t care about anything you’ve accomplished with your former students.   It’s all about them now. 
I’ll share everything I can think of that has worked for me.

And, of course, I will save time for you to ask questions about anything and everything on the subject or off of it!  Let’s learn from each other!  If it relates to teaching middle school chorus, let’s share/chat/ask questions about it. 

During the session, I will announce some limited time special large discounts on S-Cubed products from my TPT store that will last for 24 hours, so it’ll be a great time to get a deal. 

Hope to meet many of you there!