Testimonials about my Sight Reading and Sight Singing Program S-Cubed!

I began creating and sharing S-Cubed in August 2013 one lesson at a time.  People have been finding and using it since that time, and when I get emails about the difference it has made for teachers, I know the work to release it was worth it.

All reviews and ratings from the last two years are public on TPT. Here is a link to reviews of the Complete Bundle:  
You can also see reviews of the individual lessons as I released them during 2013-2014 before I bundled them in April 2014.
Many teachers began finding the program during summer 2014 and have been using it all year.  I am going to begin leaving some of the emails and Facebook posts of teachers who are digging into the program and sharing their results with me.

Kara Post

3:30 PM (15 hours ago)

to me
Hello Dale,
I am sharing this with you second only to my principal--all three of my choruses (6, 7, & 8) earned PERFECT SCORES in sight reading! And none of them were easy--7th and 8th (both 3-part mixed) had tricky intervals (re-ti and re-fa) while 6th (elementary, 2-part) had rhythms like half notes against 8th notes.

THANK YOU for all the wonderful ideas you generously share with your Georgia colleagues! You are making an amazingly positive difference in the lives of my Chorus students!

From a Facebook Post:

On  March 27, 2015,  Buyer said:
I had the privilege of attending Mr. D.'s workshop at the Georgia Music Educators Conference this past January, and I was highly intrigued. I checked out some of the promotional material after the event, and, after receiving less than ideal scores for LGPE sight-reading this year, I decided to purchase this curriculum, and the cool thing is that it is so much more than simple curriculum, although that's there, but, more importantly, it's a phenomenal educational philosophy packaged in such an accessible manner. I'm glad to have such a framework compiled by a public school teacher with non-auditioned groups that understands the struggles faced in similar classrooms all across the state. I can't wait to implement this next year in my 6th-8th non-auditioned choirs and see what happens (and maybe my next year's 7th graders will be ready for level 2 the following year!)!

P.S. If you've not checked out his blog, please do so. A recent article about motivating students for LGPE was very insightful and highly encouraging.

Ellie Wong So glad I purchased this bundle. Didn't look into this program until I started having issues with a particular school's choir. When I delved into this program, Mr. D said if I followed his plan I wouldn't have (sigh) all the issues that gave me grief in that particular choir. So if you buy it don't wait to use it but do it immediately and avoid the problems.

I always appreciate it when people post about S-Cubed in Facebook groups like "I'm A Choir Director" and Music Teachers.

Thank you so much for all the encouragement this year and this week especially!! I've been reading your blog and watched your video about second awakenings and you are so right! I'm not at the point anymore where I feel I can't do this job. I'm just in that funky place of knowing I can do it, but not knowing the details of how quite yet! If that makes any sense....

Anyway, I sincerely appreciate the extra time you've given me, I absolutely LOVE your program and tell my kids when they see, "Mr. D" on all the slides, who you are. I haven't shown them a video of your choirs yet, but I think I will do that this week or next.


Rochelle Larsen

P.S. I give out dum dums to my kids when I ask questions and they LOVE it!! It works like a charm! I always pull those out when asking questions and it never fails, they perk right up and are eager to earn a treat!

April 29, 2015

Allyse Hoge

12:31 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

I am LOVING S-Cubed and have been using it all year with my 7th and 8th grade choirs.  Next year, I want to keep going with my future 8th graders and I think I remember hearing that there might someday be an S-Cubed 2 (maybe it was just an awesome dream!)?  Do you know if it will be a reality or when it would be available?  My district is weird with purchasing so I'd either have to get it within the next few weeks or not until August :-/  

Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into your curriculum and for sharing it with all of us!  Your program has made such a difference in my classroom!  I can't tell you enough how much I love this program!

Here are some photos of a Facebook discussion from June 2015 about sight singing programs.  It includes Roger Emerson's endorsement of S-Cubed.

Hi Dale! I just wanted to let you know that you may be contacted by the President-elect of the Nebraska chapter of the ACDA to see if you can come present S-cubed at our conference next summer.
I shared my success with it during a "my favorite things" session with other Nebraska middle school vocal teachers, and it was very well received!

July 31st. 2015...On this first day of school...

On  September 22, 2015,  Alycia G. said:
By far the best thing I have ever purchased for my classroom. This is the second year that I have used this with my 7th Graders and the kids are becoming such independent singers! If you buy any sight reading product it should be this one!

And for the High School Teachers who have thought about using this...

Good morning! I want you to know that I used S-Cubed with my middle school choir last year and they LOVED IT! This year, I had to move to the high school level, and guess what? My high school kids LOVE this too! I think too often, they aren't allowed to just be kids. That's what they are, right? Just tall children! smile emoticon  Thanks a bunch!!!

September 29, 2015
Kelly Culler Dale this is an outstanding method, this is my second year. I'm reviewing with 8th grade and can't wait to head into your new program. I have achieved fantasy results with the choirs that carry over into the music they sing. Keep up the good work and thank you for your efforts.

Wanted to tell you – We were about to start Chaos in class today, and I heard one of my 7th grade boys tell his neighbor, “This is my favorite part!”.  THANK YOU for giving me the tools to make my students actually enjoy sightreading!!!!

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Meredith Hotard
Choral Director
Holy Cross School

Betsy S

Oct 9 (3 days ago)
to me
Seriously! I'm only on Lesson 5 with my students, but this is EXACTLY what my middle school program needed. I have taught middle school choir for 15 years, and have done sight-reading with solfege and hand signs the whole time, but have been so unhappy. I was constantly rewriting lessons to make them a better fit for my students. I was ready to sink my teeth into a major curriculum-writing project, when I stumbled across yours. (Mine would have never been so clever ;-)

Side note: I have 480 students this year and feel like I am drowning. This renewed fun in my rehearsals has been more of a blessing that you can imagine. With the large numbers I am always worried about the students who are falling between the cracks, and this has made engagement so visible, as well as helped students recognize their accomplishments as we progress. I'm spending less time behind the piano, and more time looking at their faces and really hearing their voices. 

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to fill a void "in the middle". 

And, can you add me to your mailing list?

Thanks Dale!


October 16, 2015

I'm on Lesson 4 Day 2 with my 6th Grade Chorus. In my 20+ years of teaching, this has worked better than any thing else I've tried for teaching sight reading to chorus. For the first time, my students (and I) actually look forward to sight reading. They love Forbidden Pattern and are already shaking their heads "no" when they notice I'm trying to distract them. The ear training component has also helped me with rehearsing their choral music. I just have them sign and sing solfege for tough excerpts and all of a sudden they are getting it and it's much more in tune.  The first day of Day 4 when they sightread notation (perfectly), I made a big deal out of it as you recommend (since I can't do a cartwheel I had a student do it). They are very proud of themselves and are really gaining confidence in their skills.

Thank you!

Dee Fitzpatrick

October 26, 2015

This is the answer a teacher gave on the ACDA Choralnet page.  The question was from a band teacher who is now teaching chorus during part of his day, and he is struggling with what to do with the singers and how to teach reading to them.

December 11, 2015

Jeff Sandberg

1:50 PM (10 minutes ago)
to me
Hi, Dale,

As I said on YouTube how helpful S-Cubed is for choir, I have found aspects of it immensely helpful with my band program. I especially enjoy how you have arranged the learning material related to key signatures. I have been using it with my bands, which means I've been using primarily solfege to explain scales. Thanks again for your work!


March 9, 2019
From high school teacher Christa Fredrickson

Hi! Again! Year 2 of teaching and this year I took two groups to contest. My treble choir which is primarily sophomores and freshman and my advanced mixed group. Both got 💯s in sight reading and were deemed “Texas Good” by our judge!!! I’ve learned so much from your games and YouTube videos. Thanks for being an inspiration! I do hope to meet you someday at an ACDA or something so I can give you a hug! Thanks for all you share. You are a great resource for a new teacher!

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