It's complete! Let's celebrate with a SALE!

20% off the entire S-Cubed program March 16-17, 2014. It's time to stock up on the next several lessons! Pin it! Share it! Spread the word to your music colleagues. I really don't think there is anything else out there like this. It is complete with sight singing examples, of course, but it has so much more than that. I documented almost every lesson on film. I shared countless teaching tips and philosophies. I did everything I could do to help teachers who struggle to motivate their young beginners to "beat the page". I've worked hard to package my program in a 21st century user-friendly way that is part workshop and part lesson plan. There are 27 lessons, and it took me 27 weeks to teach them to my own beginners. They are reusable and you can copy everything over and over year after year for your beginners each year if you want to do that. I am already hearing from teachers from all over the country about how the program is helping them in their classrooms, and I am hoping that I hear from many more over the coming years. I struggled enormously to learn how to teach sight singing from a book. I had to figure out so many techniques on my own. None of the books did that for me. ...And that's what I've shared in S-Cubed. I am so happy to finally have found a way to share all of these ideas with other teachers, and I hope that teaching sight singing becomes fun for my peers and their students instead of daily drudgery! Check out my blog!