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S-Cubed!  Successful Sight Singing for Middle School Teachers and their Students!
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With S-Cubed!, I have aimed to create a way for teachers to improve how they teach sight singing to their upper elementary and middle school students using 21st Century Technology.  I filled the system with downloadable, ready-to-use reusable lesson plans, sight singing examples and rhythm exercises that are complete with direct links to video teaching tips for each lesson and video teaching examples of me teaching the lesson.  I use it myself in my own classroom and it works wonders with beginners.  It's a philosophy and a method wrapped together.  In the lessons, I have revealed every secret I've learned as I have taught mostly beginners over the last 22-plus years.

When I started teaching middle school students how to sight sing music, all I remember is the moans and the failures.

I would say "Pull out the Sight Singing books".  They would moan.

They would begin singing a Sight Singing example and by measure two, they completely stopped singing and stared at me.

It was horrible.

I looked everywhere for a program that would solve this horrible daily experience.  Nothing that I found worked.  The elementary methods were mostly fun-filled activities and games, but were vastly inadequate.  Every single method for middle school that I found moved too fast for this age group and none of them taught me how to teach them the enormous variety of skills they needed to become as fluent as I wanted them to be.   It was as though they assumed the children who walked in the door of your classroom either took private lessons or went to elementary school at a special music school.

I needed something that combined fun and rigor that would end up in fluency!

I wanted my students to be able to successfully read 3-part music with difficult skips and rhythms by the time they left me in 8th grade.

When I moved the Georgia, I had to create something that worked out of necessity because the first time I took my students into the sight singing room, I was absolutely shocked.  The standard of Sight Singing performance that was expected at the annual state adjudicated festival in this state was much higher than the states in which I had previously taught.  I couldn't believe the level of proficiency required by the students from 6th-8th grade.  The truth is that I couldn't have read that level of material in my freshman year of college. I was not comfortable having my children go into the Sight Singing room each year and fail because I hadn't prepared them.  Over time, I figured it out, but year after year, I watched so many of my colleagues and their students walk out of the sight singing room completely disillusioned that I decided I had to find a way to share what I had learned.

With technology, I've figured out the delivery method!  I don't think there is anything else like it out there at the moment.  Using the world wide web, I can share my daily sight singing activities and procedures, sight singing examples, rhythm exercises and so much more with other teachers as well as provide video teaching tips and actual video of me teaching the various lessons so that other teachers can use the resources to improve their own approach to teaching Sight Singing.

All of my lessons are available at:  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Music-In-The-Middle-With-Mr-D

S-Cubed is designed to be effective, useable on a daily basis, fun, methodical, interactive and successful each and every day specifically for this age group.

Using my program, I make sure that ALL of my students can read music when they leave my classroom.   Most of them come to me with no background in reading music. By the end of their 6th grade year, they are highly proficient readers. Because I have such large groups of students in one classroom, my Sight Singing program is ideal for teaching in a group setting.

This is a sample of my students preparing to read a very difficult Sight Singing example at their adjudicated festival using all of the techniques I methodically taught to them:


This is 5 minutes later:


Check it out!  Start with Lesson 1 and work your way through each one.  Within months, you will have fluent readers!

See my NAFME Webinar on the Subject:
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Let me know how it works!

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