Would you like your Elementary Feeder Programs to use S-Cubed?

Thousands of middle school teachers are using S-Cubed Sight Singing Program.  When I created it, I had middle school teachers and students in mind.


Apparently, 4th and 5th-grade teachers and even high school teachers are using it with their beginners.

Most elementary teachers don't see their students daily, so purchasing and using the entire program isn't a great use of resources.

....but wouldn't you love it if your elementary feeder programs exposed their children to S-Cubed?

Even if it takes them all year to cover the 5 lessons 10-15 minutes per day, the exposure would help their fluency and reading ability enormously by the time they reach you!  By Lesson 4, they are sight singing notes off the staff a capella and having a great time doing it!

I shared my program with my elementary feeders a few years back, and I LOVE it when those students come into my program with exposure to the S-Cubed principals.  The students who've been exposed to the first five lessons in S-Cubed during 4th and 5th-grade  have superior ear-training skills, excellent use of the hand signs, and they sing with much better control of pitch.

Share the program with your elementary feeders!