S-Cubed! Sight Singing Lesson 22 is ready for use!

We only have a few weeks to go before we complete S-Cubed Series 1!  In just two weeks, my own students will be sight singing two part examples that include dotted-quarter/eighth note combinations and difficult skips.  Since August, they've gone from having no idea what the dots on the page of music mean to where they are now:  Literate.  Competent.  Self-Reliant.  Determined to beat the page!
That is what S-Cubed is about...with lots of fun and laughs along the way!  They learn so many lessons about not giving up and about doing their personal best.  In my own little reality show of sorts, I've been sharing the daily lessons on YouTube since early August!  
Check it all out!  

The process works, and it is all documented for other teachers to study and use so choral teachers can have the tools they need to improve how they deliver sight singing to their young beginners!  Teaching Sight Singing doesn't have to be drudgery!  :)

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