HUNT and FOCUS-Lesson 24 is ready! Sight Singing for Middle School-Filming the process

I started sharing my Sight Singing program with teachers last August. In the beginning, I called it my own little reality show because I had decided to videotape each days lessons to supplement the materials I include in the power point. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about that prospect! I mean...I didn't even know the students who walked into my classroom on that first day and the video was running.

 ...But I so completely believe in the S-Cubed process, I felt confident that I (and they) would be successful. I've used it in my classroom for years now, and it works like a charm. I love teaching it, and they love conquering this very difficult skill!

So, here we are about 2 weeks from our adjudicated festival at which my 110 beginners will sit down and see if they can conquer the two-part sight singing example that is placed before them while an adjudicator watches the work we've done all year. It's exciting! ...and daunting....because I'll film that too! :-)

I decided to film it all because people learn in so many different ways. Some like to read material. Some like to "do" the material at a workshop. Some like to listen.  I wanted S-Cubed to presented in ALL of those ways and more.  I wanted to touch all of the learning modes because I want teachers to have the best chance possible at improving how they teach sight singing to this very special age group.

Our children are the same. They learn in so very many different ways. S-Cubed is designed to hit all of the learning modes so they have the best chance possible of learning how to sight sing to the best of their ability. These children were total beginners when they walked into my room in August 2013, and I am thrilled with their progress.  They don't all get it perfect 100% of the time, but they use every ounce of their brain power to try their best to make that happen.

Even though I have taught S-Cubed to thousands of beginners in my teaching career, I am still amazed when they put it all together and conquer a tough example. Then, as we continue to work together through eighth grade, I am even more amazed at the way all of the things they learned through S-Cubed transfer to their repertoire. It's truly awesome to send them off in a corner to figure something out on their own. ...And they will have the skills for a lifetime if they keep singing in choir in high school as most of my students do.

 HUNT and FOCUS is that last unison lesson. They have all of the tools in their toolbox now. It is up to them to figure out the hard intervals and difficult rhythms. They can totally do it. We need to guide less and less and encourage more and more. It's like when a baby is ready to walk. So, tomorrow, I will begin Lesson 25 with them, and they will sight sing in two parts! Finally! They will only get to do it for two weeks this year before they go to the adjudicated festival because we've missed two weeks of school due to snow. ...but I still think they will be fine...because we've taught the skills carefully and methodically...the S-Cubed way.   We used all of the learning modes. The techniques are in their little bodies. I hope it's working for you in your classroom!

Here is the link:  Link to Lesson 24 S-Cubed Successful Sight Singing for Middle School Teachers

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