FIND/HOLD/DRILL Lesson 23 is ready for use! Sight Singing!

One of the major goals in S-Cubed is to develop independence in our Sight Singers.  We want our students not to need us...

Well, that may be stretching it a bit, but you get the idea!  :)

Our students have progressed so far now that they are encountering some difficult intervals that they absolutely can solve themselves!  ...But, we have to teach them how.  We have to take them through the process a few times before we can expect them to use any new tool on their own.  That is what this lesson is designed to do. 

It's just like life.  We don't tell our 15 year old to take the car and go out for a ride.  They might be able to do it, but we still have some things to show them so they can safely navigate this difficult task (besides the fact that it isn't legal....)  :)

After they perfect this skill, they are ready for successful 2-part sight singing!

I hope it is working for you in your classroom!  

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Link to Lesson 23 of S-Cubed!