How will YOU teach Sight Singing for 2018-2019?

In many places, choral assessment season for 2018 has come and gone.

When I finished creating and sharing Level 2 of the S-Cubed Sight Singing Program in December of 2015, I wasn't sure how the work would translate for other teachers and students because it is part curriculum and part philosophy.

Each time I receive an email, a tweet, a video, a tag or a Facebook message from teachers who want to share their success with me and with others, it becomes clear that the program has translated.   It took countless hours for me to create this program, but knowing that it is working for so many teachers and students definitely makes it worth the effort!

It takes me 2 and a half years to complete the program with my own beginners, so by this date (April 2018), the early adopters of S-Cubed have had ample time to finish the work and to receive the full benefits of the program.  Their colleagues have also had time to ask which program they are using, and that is the primary way that the word is spread about S-Cubed Sight Singing Program.

When I finished creating S-Cubed, I wanted it to survive or fail based on its merits.  It was sort of scary actually!  I am so grateful that people continue to learn about the program from teachers like you.

Thank you for continuing to share the word about this program.

Over the last few years, I have heard from the following types teachers who are using this program with success as they teach their beginners:
*Middle school teachers who've struggled teaching sight singing to beginners
*Band teachers and orchestra teachers who end up teaching a choir class
*First year teachers who didn't have any idea where to start
*4th and 5th grade teachers who want to lay the groundwork for sight singing with solfege
*High School teachers who have choirs with no background in music literacy
*Veteran teachers who want a new approach to re-energize their teaching
*General music teachers who want to get their students to sing

So, share this giveaway with any and all of them.

People can enter the giveaway until 5 PM Eastern on Thursday, April 12th.  I will announce the winner Thursday evening.  I'll email everyone who enters to let them know who won, and also to let them know of a super price cut on several of the best-selling bundles in my program.

I will include awesome deals on:
The Elementary Bundle which exposes the students to solfege, the hand signs, ear-training, eye-training, and reading notes from the staff.
Level ONE which take you up to two-part treble sight singing with skips as wide as an octave and dotted quarter/8th rhythm combos and much more.
The MEGA Bundle which includes everything in the program and takes your students through SAB sight singing and very difficult chromatics.

Go ahead and start planning for next year and get a super deal on S-Cubed!

...and one of you is going to win it!

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