Assessment season S-Cubed Sight Singing MEGA Bundle Giveaway!

Have you watched your peers walk into and out of the sight-singing room this year relaxed and pleased with the results?

Well, it's your turn.

The benefits of using S-Cubed Sight Singing Program far outweigh the rating our students get. 

Tone production, listening skills, pitch and rhythmic accuracy all improve with this program.

Originally, I designed this program for Middle School singers because those are the students that I teach.  It became apparent over time that this program is more than just another sight-singing program because of the benefits my own students have enjoyed as well as the students of the teachers who have purchased and used the program for years now. 

So, I decided to have a giveaway since lots of people see and hear about this program when they go to their assessments with their choirs.

If you've already got the program, tell your district supervisor and help your leader realize this would be good for the district and encourage him or her to take a look at the TpT for Schools program which has made it a lot easier for administrators and teachers to collaborate on curriculum purchases like S-Cubed Sight Singing Program. 

If you've told him/her, and he/she isn't listening, tell the leaders of your elementary school feeder programs.  They can use the first five lessons of the program, and it will last them all year since most elementary teachers don't see their students more than once or twice weekly.  And most importantly, exposing elementary singers to S-Cubed will help their students enter their middle school choral classroom using solfege with ease, and their ears will be significantly improved. 

If you have a high school teacher in your system who doesn't have a strong feeder program and who wants to get his/her beginners to learn to sight-sing and to enjoy the process, let them know about these testimonials about how it has worked with that age group.

The winner will be announced Wednesday, March 21st.  I'll email everyone who entered the giveaway and share the name of the person who one, and I'll offer each person who entered the giveaway 50% off the regular price of the MEGA Bundle and Level one of S-Cubed.  Normally, those two bundles are $349 and $249 each so it will be a great time to grab the program.  The winner will have 48 hours to contact me to get the MEGA Bundle, and the 50% special offer will last Wednesday and Thursday, March 21 and 22 until midnight. 

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