For Parents and Students: Holiday Concert Information

Holiday Concert Information for Parents and Students

This week is your holiday concert!  Looking forward to hearing you sing while you spread the first bits of holiday cheer with your beautiful voices!

Thanks for your hard work!

Here are some details:

Concert date:
Thursday, December 1

Your Arrival time:
Between 6:30-6:45 PM

Concert start time:
7 PM

Concert end time: 
About 7:40 PM.

What to do once you arrive:
*Use the restroom and get water before heading to the gym.  Once you are in your spot, you must stay.
*Go to my room and place a check beside your name.  This is how attendance will be taken.
*Get a candle
*Get your flashlight.
*If necessary, you can refresh your flashlight paper, but only do so if the paper is ripped badly. 

What to wear:
Tucked HMS chorus shirts with black pants/skirt and black shoes

On that day, what standards am I expected to meet?
You are expected to be “little professionals”. 
Since August, we have learned what that means.  Here is a list of some of the expectations:
*On time arrival and check in as described above.
*Watching the conductor
*Proper response to conductor’s signals
*Quiet between songs
*Quiet when the lights go out
*Proper use of flashlights
*Safe use of candles
*Proper respect and quiet when other groups are singing
*Dealing professionally with the unexpected
*Proper return of candles at the end of the concert (Quietly handing them down to the right).

When the concert is over, please take all flashlights home.

During “Light the Candle”, HMS chorus alumni may come up and sing “Light the Candle” with you.  They will stand in front of you or beside you.  Please make room the best you can and be flexible.

Missed Concert:
This concert is required of all chorus students.  It is not optional.
The only acceptable reasons for missing the concert:
1)    Death in the family  (Note required on the day your return)
2)    Illness (doctor’s note required on the first day your return to school).

If you miss the concert and fail to meet the above requirements, the consequence will be a grade that is significantly lowered.

If you miss the concert and meet the requirements above, you may be assigned a makeup assignment.  When you bring me the note, I will let you know whether you have an assignment and what it will be.  The makeup assignment, if assigned, will be due no later than December 16 at 8:45 AM.    You can bring it to me during homeroom, or you can email it to me at (Your email address)