End of the Year S-Cubed News!

S-Cubed End of the Year News!

I hope your holiday concerts are going well!

I have lots of news to share… New blog posts that may help you with your holiday concert if yours is yet to come, Level TWO Sight Singing Examples ONLY, giveaway winner, 20% off sale,  and news with Music Prodigy!

#1:  Giveaway winner and Two-Day Sale
Congratulations to Brandon G!  He is the winner of the giveaway of the S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program!  I notified him this morning!  Thanks to those who entered!  Starting today and ending tomorrow, December 14th at midnight, my entire store will be 20% off.  Take advantage of the savings!

#2:  On my blog, I’ve shared this document that I give my students and parents regarding the attendance policy for the holiday concert.  Perhaps you can use it too!   I sent it to my students via Remind.com.  I also emailed it to my parents, and I handed a hard copy to my students and went over it orally in class.  I did my best to “dot” the i’s and “cross” the t’s to ensure the best attendance, and it worked!  I hope it works for you!

#3:  Also on my blog, I’ve begun a series about working with parent volunteers.  I’m sharing ideas about my own approach, and I will end the series by sharing some information about how to have a successful parent conference that results in behavior change in your students who need it.

#4:  In my TPT store, I’ve added Level TWO Sight Singing Examples ONLY!  This product is designed to help teachers who are using Level TWO and who do not have a projector or for those who wish to hand out the sight singing examples to their students.

#5:  As you know, I love using the homework assignments I created on Music Prodigy as a supplement to S-Cubed. I enjoy the practice time and the accountability if offers, and I love being able to listen to the children individually without having to force them to sing in front of others. If your students can figure out how to play video games on their iPads, and use Snapchat and Instagram, they can figure out Music Prodigy!  Until December 31, 2016, if you have purchased S-Cubed, you can add the Music Prodigy Supplement to your program for only $100.  Starting January 1, the cost of the renewable annual subscription will be $150, so if you’ve been thinking of trying it out, do it!   For more details about how Music Prodigy works, click here.  

Happy holidays!

Mr D


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