Summer "LIVE" Sessions with Mr D June 27-June 30

June Summer “Live” events with Mr D!
June 27-June 30

So far this summer, I’ve done four “live” events on Periscope (@inthemiddlewith) and four Facebook Live events.  They usually last about 15-20 minutes.  I usually do “Periscope” first (thanks for the “hearts”!) and then pop over to Facebook Live and discuss the same topic for the people who are more comfortable with that platform.  I’ve discussed boy’s voices, classroom management, structure and other topics related to teaching middle school choral music!  I’ve loved interacting with teachers.  You all have contributed some awesome ideas during the interactions!  I’ve posted the “live” events onto my YouTube Channel for people to check out later, but the comments don’t show up, so it’s best if you catch it “live” when you can…

…Especially because of the “Two hour deals” that occur after the live events.  At the end of each “live” event, I will continue offering something from my TPT and/or TES stores for free or something that is very discounted at the end of the events, and sometimes, I will do both! 

Up until now, the timing of the events has been pretty random!  However, this coming week, I am scheduling four of them and giving some notice so people can plan ahead! 

Here is my “live” schedule for June 27-June 30…

Each Periscope begins at 9 AM and Each Facebook “Live” will start immediately after the Periscope at approximately 9:15. 

Monday, June 27-Developing tone in the treble voices
Tuesday, June 28-Getting your students to WATCH you
Wednesday, June 29-Smiling Before Christmas
Thursday, June 30-Sight Singing with the true beginner

Please share this information with your peers and colleagues.  Think of young teachers who’ve just graduated, teachers who are new to teaching middle school, and teachers who’ve struggled while teaching this age group. 

Thank you!

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