Free Periscope Session and June S-Cubed Deals!

Free Periscope Session, This week’s “S-Cubed June Deal”, Blog post “No fun!?!  Seriously?!?”

FREE Periscope Session!
Are you on  Well, this summer, I’ve decided to venture out onto this interactive video form of social media.  Follow me at @inthemiddlewith.  My very first “live” Periscope event will occur on Wednesday, June 8 at 11:30 AM-Noon Eastern Standard Time.  This broadcast is called “OMG.  I have to teach middle school choir next year!”  Are you a band person who has to take on a choir class next year?  Are you a new college graduate going into your first middle school choir job?  Are you an elementary teacher or high school person who has gotten a middle school job?   Anyone is welcome to attend this free session, and you will get to drive the content by the questions you ask.  I will answer them “live” as they come in.  Please tell anyone and everyone you think who might benefit from this session to block their calendars and make sure they are signed up for Periscope so they don’t miss it!

June “week two” markdowns in my TPT store
Each week in June, I am offering great deals in my store!  Here is what is happening this week.

Last week, Level TWO of the S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program was marked down to $49 (from $99).  I’m extending that offer until Wednesday, June 8!

Starting today, Sunday, June 5, and running through Saturday, June 11, the Original S-Cubed Series is marked down to $159 (from $209).  And since I am already running a 20% sale today (Sunday, June 5) in my store, you get the combined markdown plus the extra 20% off.   

Buy both levels today, and you’ll get both levels (my total sight singing curriculum) for under $200.  Normally, the original series alone costs that much. 

A recent important blog post:
When I started sharing my materials in August of 2013, more than anything, I wanted to help middle school teachers make the learning journey more joyous for both themselves and for the beginners they teach.  Have you seen this viral video post yet?  If not, watch it.  This teacher gets it, and her middle school students are experiencing pure joy. 

Two days before that video went viral, I wrote this blog post about the importance of fun in your middle school choral music classroom.

Please continue to share the news of S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program with your peers and colleagues around the globe!


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