Happy Tuesday everyone!  

Over 30 music teachers from around the world have decided to have another $2 Tuesday sale on August 12th!  If you've never participated, here is how it works:  
1)  Go to the Teachers Pay Teachers website.
2)  Go to the search box.
3)  Type $2TuesdayMusicFlashSale

All of the products of the teachers who are participating will pop to the top of the search.  You will find items from all levels for music classes.

I know, I know....it's a lesson from the middle of a method that I recommend is purchased as a sequential series....but I think this lesson sums up the essence of S-Cubed and that it can be used alone...especially for just $2.  Here is why: The idea in S-Cubed is to truly teach and to help our beginners MASTER each technique required to sight sing successfully and independently.  The process isn't haphazard.  We don't just "tell them" to do a skill we are teaching and then expect them to do it. We teach them how, take them carefully through the process of the element we are teaching and then immediately have them practice that particular skill.  We acknowledge and reward their willingness to do it, and then we make the new element/skill a part of daily practice.  In Lesson 6, the students are taught the importance of independent practice time as part of the process of working through an example of sight singing.  So, even if you haven't purchased Lessons 1-5, you can still learn how I recommend teaching the idea I call "Chaos" to your students.  ...and for $2, that is a pretty good deal, I think!   

Also, during the $2 Tuesday music flash sale, I have decided to mark down all bundles 20% in case folks decide they want to purchase a bundle!   The Complete Bundle of all 27 lessons is included as well as the smaller 5-lesson bundles!  So if you need a bundle, it time to buy!

Jump in!  The best time to start S-Cubed is at the beginning of the year!  

...and if you are already using S-Cubed with your students.... Word of mouth and social media are the ways that word is spreading about S-Cubed.  Please consider sharing on your social media sites  ...Especially on the group pages like I'm a Choir Director on Facebook, and Music Teachers.  It helps tremendously when teachers hear what is working from other teachers.  

Thank you so much for your support!

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