Huge Teacher Giveaway to Celebrate Teacher Appreciate Week

Starting May 5th, for one week, I am participating in a huge teacher giveaway that will include lots of Freebies from great teacher blogs in varied subject areas. 
I am contributing the first lesson from S-Cubed:  Successful Sight Singing for Middle School Teachers and their Students- Lesson 1-Forbidden Pattern-The Game.
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My kids absolutely love this game.  It is the fun anchor to the S-Cubed system.  We play it almost every day.  It's them against me, and we have a blast.  I work to try to distract them while they play it, and they get more focused as a result.  The best part is that they are using the Kodaly hand signs that are critical to the S-Cubed process.  As you progress in the S-Cubed system, you teach many more other skills through the game including the teaching of proper hand placement to ensure success as well as difficult skips and intervals that will help them be successful while sight singing.
Here is a YouTube Link of me playing the game with my beginners on the first day of school:

This is the 21st century way to learn to teach sight singing better and to enjoy the process.  This is not a book.  S-Cubed is a series of Power Point lessons that include every single progressive lesson, video teaching examples, video teaching tips, sight singing examples, rhythm examples, and written/oral warm ups needed to complete this 27 week 10-15 minutes per day Sight Singing system.  It is like no other, and it is designed to teach the absolute beginner because that is what I teach in my classroom daily to my 300 middle school children.  In fact, I created this series as I actually taught them to my 6th grade beginning children in real time and uploaded the lessons once they were taught...videos and all.  Please spread the word to your music teacher friends.  There is no other resource out there like this one to help them teach these very difficult concepts to young children.

Enjoy the big giveaway!  

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