10 Things I want to do this Summer!

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The last day for my students was Friday!  On Thursday, it's officially summer, and I'm already looking forward to checking off lots of items on my to do list!  I saw that Deanna Jump was having this link-up, and I wanted to jump in!

Which leads to the first item!

1)  Relax and recharge by spending time at the pool!  Teachers work so hard during the school year, and I absolutely believe we need to take the time to slow it down in the summer!

2)  Spend time with the people closest to me in my life!  Dad has always wanted to take Barbara to the Grand Canyon!  We will be there in July.

3)  Spend time with my animals!  My bird is 24 years old.  This type of bird normally lives until 15!  I think she is having work done...just sayin'....
4)  Ride my bike!  I love riding.  I can solve all of the world's problems in 75 minutes or less when I'm on the bike!

5)  Go to Las Vegas!  Each year, I judge an Aerobic Gymnastics event out there, and I will be there again at the end of July!  

6)  Work in the yard!  My mother loved working in her flowers, and as I get older, I love it more and more!  I don't have the gift she had for it, but I give it my best shot!
7)  Take care of my body.  I am an exercise fiend, but I save my regular check ups for summer.  

8)  Take care of my car!  Get the tune ups...get the oil changed....

9)  Go to the beach with my spouses family!  Going to the Gulf Coast!  Can't wait!

10)  Reflect on the past year.  It was one of my favorite years!  I had the warmest 8th grade group this year, and I will miss them.  Reflecting on my year with them and running the film in my head helps give me the fuel to go back in August!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up with me! Great list of things to do this summer. Your animals are adorable!