One of my favorite resources for Middle School Choral Teachers

I wanted to take a moment to share a wonderful resource for Middle School Teachers and their students!

My middle school children absolutely love the music from Plank Road Publishing: Music K-8. I've used them for about 15 years for lots of various songs. The kids can't get enough. The writers understand how to write for these special ages. Each issue of the magazine has at least 2 or 3 songs that are appropriate for this age group.  You can also order "a la carte" from the website. They give choreography notes and ideas about how to deliver the songs that are awesome! I absolutely love this resource!

 Below, I have included some links to the website and to a few of some of my favorite songs they've created for various seasons...although they have songs for all times of the year: Here is the link to the general website:
Link to the website
Link to my favorite song "Dweller of the Cave". They LOVE it!
Link to a holiday song they love to sing!
Link to a new holiday song I tried this year that they loved "Holly and the Ivy"
Link to a fun holiday song for 5/6 grade.

I hope you find some ideas you like at Music K-8! Adjudicated festival season is coming! It's a great time to start a singing program! Check it out!
I am about to add the 19th lesson!
My Sight Singing Program for Middle School teachers!
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