State Adjudicated Festivals: Sight Singing Component

In October, I got some feedback from a teacher who'd tried Lesson 1 with her students.  She said "I wish I could start the year all over again."

Well, January is a great time to hit re-set!

Are your students ready for the state adjudicated festivals?  Are you tired of having your middle school students walk into the Sight Singing room nervous but excited and come out completely embarrassed and disillusioned?

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If the event were today, how would your students do?  Would they sit there in the room in front of the judge scared to death and uncertain about how to proceed?  Have you given them the tools they need for their tool box?

S-Cubed! Successful Sight Singing for Middle School teachers and their students will do it.  It's proven! It's like no other offering out there.  It isn't a book.  It's a day by day guide with teaching tips that includes everything a book has plus games and numerous video links to help you and your students be successful.

I watched my own students sit there in the Sight Singing room uncertain one to many times, so I created S-Cubed.  We want our students to be ready and excited to "beat the page"!  This method does it!

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