What I learn from spirit week about Classroom Management

Spirit week is awesome fun! Each day we can dress up in various attire: "Character" day, Tacky/Nerd Day, Wacky hair day, and so on. It can turn a drab Monday into a day full of smiles. It is so awesome to see the students walk into the room and react to the craziness. It helps "just another day" turn into an event! It brings out...well...the SPIRIT! Wow! Who knew? :) Students who haven't smiled once the whole year will look at you in total disbelief and crack a quick one! On Monday, I dressed up like King Tut for "Character Day". I put a note on the door that said, "Today...do not come in until you hear 3 knocks. Then, wait five seconds, and you can enter". I primed the fog machine and filled the room with fog before the children entered. I ran to the door and knocked. I lay down on some chairs in the room with my arms across my chest like a Mummy. I waited a few seconds after they entered, then said "Boo!" Based on their reactions, I think they liked it! Middle school children are programmed to be bored. They aren't supposed to care...But when we bring a dose of our "crazy" into the room, it brings out the light in their eyes. They see us as people who just want to have fun instead of teachers who enforce rules. Doing crazy stuff helps us gain their respect and earn their support. ...and that has made managing 84 children in one class a lot easier! So, the next time you have the opportunity to do something silly for your middle school children. Do it. They'll love you for it! ...Oh...and tomorrow? I am going to wear a rainbow colored Afro wig for wacky hair day. I can't wait!