A note to my Middle School students via email

To the students who are auditioning this week! So...You're auditioning tomorrow for the Spring Musical Revue. You are putting yourself on the line...in front of your peers...during the school day...and it isn't for a grade... What will it get you? Um...obligated to get up early before school to show up for practice. What is WRONG with you? Just kidding. :) It's awesome. It is AWESOME that you are taking the shot. I always say..."You miss 100% of the shots you don't take". By doing this, you are creating an opportunity for yourself that is going to help you have an amazing performance experience that you will never forget with friends you would never have met had you not decided to step up to the plate tomorrow. It is all that and much more. ...and if you are auditioning tomorrow, you are taking the shot. I am so proud of you, and I appreciate the work you've done to prepare the audition enormously. Please know that, while you are auditioning, I am pulling for you 100%. I want you to do a fantastic job so you can walk away feeling proud and happy that you took the risk. We are going to have a great show. I already know it...before I see the auditions...and it is largely because of you...in this moment. It is because you've done the preparation. ...And now it is time to share it. Knock it out of the park, and don't look back. Allow yourself to nail it. Be a superstar. Don't be afraid to be great. Good luck!