Multiple License Discounts for S-Cubed Sight Singing Program 2020

Many teachers around the world have heard of and are using the S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for Beginners with great success!  It has been reviewed and tested by teachers all over the world in middle, elementary and high school teachers who teach beginners as I have done for 27 years in public schools with class sizes as large as 84.   3/4 cup of fun with 1/4 cup of learning is part of what makes the program unique and effective.  The program has changed classrooms around the globe, and for that, I am very grateful!

I created the program in a middle school classroom, but all along, I've believed it should be used from grade 4 through grade 12 for any choral classroom that contains a majority of beginners.  The consistency you gain when all of the teachers across your district use S-Cubed Sight Singing Program results in the following:

1)  High levels of engagement in the learning process
2)  Growth in the choral programs due to the philosophical approach of 3/4 fun and 1/4 cup learning
3)  Incredibly high levels of music literacy 

When all schools use S-Cubed, a child moves from one school in the district to another and they enter the new classroom with the same approach to the first 10-15 minutes of class as they did in their previous chorus classroom. encourage more district purchases and multiple license purchases during this back to school season, I am making a special multiple license discount!  

This year, only through my TPT store, I have raised the multiple license discount from 10% to 30% to make it less expensive for teachers who teach in the same building or in the same district to buy multiple licenses of the program.  

This back to school season starting today, July 22, the multiple license discount in my TPT store is 30%.   The first license purchase is normal price, and all subsequent licenses of the program are 30% off when purchased at the same time.  

This discount includes the following of my most popular bundles:

MEGA Bundle- Contains the entire S-Cubed Program.  Best for middle and high school programs who see their beginners daily or at least 250 minutes weekly.

Level ONE contains the first 2/3 of the program.  This is best for teachers who see their beginners 250 minutes or less per week and perhaps only teach two grades levels in their schools.

The Elementary Bundle contains the first 5 units in the program, and it is intended for anyone who sees their students once or twice per week for 30-50 minutes each time.  It is called the Elementary Bundle only because most Elementary music teachers only see their students one or two times per week for a limited time.  

Level TWO contains the final 1/3 of the program and is intended ONLY for those who have already completed Level ONE of S-Cubed and haven't already purchased the MEGA Bundle.  I do not recommend that you purchase Level TWO simply because you believe you have advanced students.  This program is cumulative.  

While S-Cubed is available in other locations, the only place you'll get these discounts is here on TPT.

So, go out and share this information with your district supervisors and the colleagues in your district.  I don't advertise in a traditional's all word of mouth and social media...because, from the start, I believed that if this program was really going to be effective outside of my own classroom, teachers who used it would tell the story.

...And I am grateful they have and that they are!

This offer will stay in place through August 31, 2019.

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  1. I just bought this in the mega bundle! I did not know about the 30% off. Is that eligible through JWPepper or just TPT? I could have used that! Is there any way for me to get it now? Please?