Classroom Management for the Middle School Classroom

This past week, I presented two seminars for the second annual International Music Educator's Summit (IMES) created and hosted by Elisa Janson Jones.   It is an online conference for music educator's from all over the world.  It's truly cutting edge.  You can watch the presentations from your home in your PJ' them later if your schedule doesn't permit you to see them "live"...the options are awesome.  And as teachers who live our daily lives with incredible structure seeing our students for 47 minutes starting at 10:03 each day (or something get the point!), we deserve the flexibility in the summer!

At the conference, I presented my materials on Sight Singing and Classroom Management.  After hearing from teachers who'd seen the presentation and realizing the incredible demand for this type of presentation, Elisa Janson Jones decided to make the presentation available for FREE to anyone with a link!

So, here it is!

Enjoy...and I hope it helps lots of people!