New Year! Gleaning the Benefits of sticking with S-Cubed Sight Singing Program

We are about to enter the second full week of 2019!  Many resolutions have already been made and broken for sure.

We are only human, right?

But even if we've broken some of the resolutions, it doesn't mean we can't get up tomorrow and recommit and make the desired changes over time.  

I mean...look at these before and after photos.

That didn't happen overnight.  

As the saying goes...Rome wasn't built in a day.

I finished creating S-Cubed Sight Singing Program 3 years ago.  It took me three years to put it all together in a way that I thought might transfer for use into the classrooms of teachers around the globe.  And before that, I spent more than 10 years figuring it out how to use it in my own classroom with my own public school beginners.  

I failed repeatedly.  Each time the students weren't able to successfully sing a sight singing example, I dug dip within and asked myself what steps I'd missed as I taught the information to my beginners.  

Since that time, thousands of teachers who teach beginners have purchased and are using the program in their classrooms, and for that I am beyond grateful.   

It is a huge step for each teacher who makes the commitment to purchase and use S-Cubed with their students.  It means they are changing daily routines, and sometimes it won't go the way it did in the video links I include of myself teaching the program.  

Does it mean you are a bad teacher?  

Of course not!

Each time you hit a roadblock, know that I probably hit the same roadblock at least 10 times during my 27 years teaching.  I felt the same way you feel when it happens. 

Do not beat yourself up.

Stay on the path.

Go back and look at the videos of me teaching the material and watch the "teaching tip" videos.  I shared every possible thing I could think of to make sure you are successful as you teach S-Cubed.  Make notes in the power points for yourself so that next year, you'll remember what happened and you'll increase your chances of success.

Success breed more success.  The momentum your students feel when they are doing well and being recognized for it is so important to the philosophy of S-Cubed.  

During my career, I've started over three times in three states when I've moved when my spouse's job changed.  Each time, it took three years to get the results I truly hoped for in my program.  I had to rebuild each time.

Nothing worth anything is easy.

Results require process and vision.   

...Like the people who renovated this house...

Celebrate each success in S-Cubed.  Learn from the mistakes.  

Enjoy the fact that the ears of your students have improved...that they have tools in their toolbox to solve problems...that they realize that it won't always go perfectly but that they have to finish the example anyway and not take their eyes off the ball.  Enjoy the beautiful vowel production they are learning as they work through the program.  Revel in the fact that they are learning part independence.   Celebrate the growth of your program as your children and parents talk about the awesome experience your students are having in your room each day.

And all of these awesome new skill sets are transferring into your repertoire!  Their sound is improving.

And the ultimate result?   ...When you're able to give them "DO" and send them into the corner to learn their parts a capella.

Yes.   S-Cubed is a commitment...   ...A big one.

And the work is worth every moment of the 10-15 minutes per day you give it 3 to 4 times per week.

Stay on the path and remember...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the commitment, believing in the program and for all of your help sharing the news of the program with your peers.

Please continue to post videos of your work with S-Cubed on social media.  Tag me every time.  It makes my day.

Have an awesome week!