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Teaching Sight Singing to the true beginner is challenging.

I've shared every secret I've learned during my public school teaching career in S-Cubed.

My students learn.

I'm grateful that teachers and music professionals around the globe have been able to take my program and translate it into their classrooms.

I see my students daily for 45 minutes.   Because I get so many new teachers in 7th grade, I teach Level ONE of S-Cubed during 6th and 7th grades.   In 8th grade, I have very few new students, so I teach Level TWO.    Following the 10-15 minute daily lesson plan, I usually complete the 15 weeks of lessons in Level TWO sometime in December before we get out for holiday break.

Then, I use Sight Reading Factory with my students!

It's an awesome, affordable program with lots of flexibility.

Each year, I buy an annual subscription for just over $30, and I am able to find and project unlimited sight singing and rhythm examples on my projector for the students.  I like it because I can set the criteria easily and create examples that fit my student's ability level.    Many teachers also enjoy the features in the photo below.

Now, Mr D and Sight Reading Factory have joined forces to offer you and your students a 10% discount off of your Sight Reading Factory subscriptions.  Use the promo code s-cubed when you purchase your new subscription with Sight Reading Factory, and you'll get the discount when you check out!   

Promo Code:  s-cubed!



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