Introducing New Songs to your Middle School Beginners

The moment when you introduce a new song to your middle school beginners is so important.

If we don't get them hooked from the start, they shut down and decide they don't like the song.  Then, it's like pulling teeth every time we sing the song.

Most of the true beginners aren't ready to sight read right through it since they are still building those skill sets.

So, recently, when I was introducing my adjudication music to my beginners, I shared some ideas about what I do the first day on this teaching tips video.  Pardon the swollen lip!  I had just had major oral surgery, but I wanted to share the ideas while I was teaching them.  :-)

After that first day, we start digging in!  Here is the final result of our work on that song.

I hope it sparks ideas in you!

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  1. FYI: Link to video isn't working.

    1. I just checked, and everything worked for me. Check again. If you have trouble, let me know.