This is why I share...

This is why I share...So happy when I hear that my materials are helping middle school choral music teachers.

Posted on my Facebook page this morning:

I watched the video of the LGPE sight-reading to show to my kids because I can talk about it but them being able to see it in action was MUCH better, even though many of the 7th and 8th graders have gone and know the process it was a great refresher AND it taught me a new solfege warm-up...taught it to my kids and they LOVE the Re-Fa-La-Fa-Re-Ti,-Do part! Me too! I pointed out to my kids, even though I have said it until I was blue in the face...practice over and again, out loud, do not stop, even if you know it, sing it again, and again, and again...they got to see your kiddos doing it and after watching the video they did MUCH better, as I knew they would! Thanks Mr. D!!

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