The Bullseye! A tool you can use for teaching intonation!

Sliding your finger up and down this bullseye while singing is a great way to teach sharp and flat singing to your students!
Tell your students that the bullseye represents a single note.
Play a pitch on the piano.
Take a deep breath.
Sing the pitch on "doo" a capella in tune.
Point with your finger to the red portion of the bullseye.
Then, while holding the note, go flat just a little bit and drag your finger downward into the other colors.  The flatter you go, the further you drop your finger.  Obviously, you may have to sneak a breath, but try to keep it going as long as you can.
Do the same thing with sharp singing.
Then, refer to this bullseye often when your children demonstrate bad intonation by pointing to where you think they landed.
Great tool!  Enjoy!

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