The Complete Bundle of Level ONE of the S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for Beginners is finally finished!

This huge project has been created in response to Covid-19 and the resulting impacts on schools that include virtual learning. This program was originally designed to help teachers teach beginners to sight sing in the group setting in a classroom. Since late April of 2020, soon after schools around the country closed their buildings for regular teaching in the classroom, we've worked to re-create all of these lessons so our students can continue to learn to sight sing from their computers in these guided lessons. When I first created S-Cubed Sight Singing Program, there was and is nothing like it on the market. I designed it to be lesson plans plus "coaching" video links to help the teacher, but "teaching example" video links in case you wanted to watch me teach it. It's all still there...and once again, there is nothing like this year long distance learning program on the market for choral teachers. They are designed so that you can simply upload the lessons into your virtual platform (like Google Classroom, for example) and follow the teacher who is on computer screen on video teaching you. The lessons are editable so you can do what you'd like as well in order to custom fit the lessons for your students.

Additional Assessment Option for Added Accountability-MUSIC PRODIGY

Assessments are included in the Distance Learning Package of S-Cubed, but, during virtual learning, I plan to supplement the assessments that are included with custom designed assessments/practice examples that I created a few years ago. I placed the examples onto the Music Prodigy platform because I instantly fell in love with the technology when they gave me the opportunity to try it. Students sing into their phones/devices and voila...feedback and grade. Based on what I learned about accountability during the original shutdown, I realize that I will need to use Music Prodigy more than ever to ensure that students are practicing and learning on their own. In order to hold students accountable, Music Prodigy is a great option because it grades the students instantly when they do the sight singing example. The notes turn green, yellow or red based on pitch and rhythmic accuracy. You can see how long a student worked on an example as well. Music Prodigy gives you enormous amounts of data. You can listen to each student sing the example as well. Music Prodigy is an annual subscription, and there is one price for all students regardless of the size of your program.
You can purchase Music Prodigy here.

Because so many districts are opening virtually this year, I am more than willing to negotiate multiple license purchase discounts with any district leaders who'd like to purchase this "ready to use" distance sight singing learning program for their districts. TpT is the only place this option will be available because it is the only platform on which I am given that option. Have your district leaders contact me directly at inthemiddlewithmrd@gmail.com and write "district multiple license purchase" in the subject line.

New to S-Cubed? Here is some info for you:

Before proceeding with the purchase of this lesson, please read this product description if you wish to purchase the original version of S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for Beginners or if you wish to learn more about the program. Also, this blog post so you are very clear about what you are purchasing and what our goals are with this project. This is a "test run" of some distance learning versions of S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for Beginners.

Description of the Distance Version-

These guided video lessons are a great resource for our students who are distance learners.  Distance learning with Mr. C! follows a modified version of Music In the Middle with Mr. D! S-Cubed! Sight Singing Program for Beginners. In the event that your daily routines are disrupted, students are encouraged to continue learning at their own pace from home. 
Mario Contreras, who leads the Distance Learning sessions in S-Cubed, aka “Mr. C.”, has been a middle school choir director for 9 years.  He has used S-Cubed! to build strong foundations with his choirs for many years and has seen and heard positive feedback from his students.
In light of world events that have led to an increase in Distance Learning, Mr. C has created student-friendly video instruction of S-Cubed!   He has modified the original product to fit the needs of our distance learners.
This product fosters continued music education at home, and would benefit students who require extra learning accommodations in choir.  Mr. C has also added suggestions for assessing a student's mastery within the documents he has created. 
Although this is not a replacement for a hands-on learning experience in a traditional choral setting, this will help build and maintain a strong foundation in individual music literacy and choral techniques for our young musicians.  

  • Guided video instruction from a real middle school choir director
  • Follows a modified version of S-Cubed level 1 
  • Continued music education at home/ remote leaning 
  • Introducing/reinforcing new music knowledge and skills
  • Suggested Assessments of Mastery 

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  1. I have been looking as to where to purchase the $59 dollar one, but I somehow missed the window? I have been looking since 8:30--did I miss it?