Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Special Giveaway for MSVMA

Follow the directions below to enter to win S-Cubed Sight Singing Program Level ONE. It's a $249 value! Someone in this room today will win. You have until tonight at midnight to enter.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Want S-Cubed Level TWO for free? Site Wide Sale and more!

S-Cubed News:  *
Site Wide Back to School Sale!
*Want Level TWO for FREE and two other freebies?!  Now is your chance!  Read below!

TPT is having a site-wide Back to School Sale on August 1 and August 2, and you can get all of my S-Cubed Sight Singing related materials for 25% off if you use the Promo Code BTS2017!

If you have finished Level ONE and you’re ready for Level TWO, it’s a great time to buy!  If you’ve been eyeing the program for a while, and you are ready to go “all in”, the MEGA Bundle is the item for you.

FREEBIES for folks who’ve purchase the MEGA Bundle
Ratings and Comments Wanted!

Level ONE of S-Cubed has been available in my TPT store since May 2014 and has received many 4.0 peer reviews with lots of great comments from teachers who have used it.  Last summer, I released the MEGA Bundle which includes Levels 1 and 2 all in one purchase.  Since that time, the MEGA Bundle has become the most popular purchase in my store as more and more people learn about the success stories of teachers who are using S-Cubed.  

Now, we need to build up the ratings and comments on the MEGA Bundle!

So, for a short time, I am offering two freebies for people who leave ratings and comments on the MEGA Bundle. 

If you’ve already purchased the MEGA Bundle, and you feel great about what you’ve found in the program, I would like to offer you two “freebies” via email if you are willing to leave a rating and some comments on how the program is working for you.  

Here is how it works:
1)     Between now and August 4, go to the MEGA Bundle that you’ve purchased.
2)    Leave a rating and some specific comments about how your children have responded to the program and what you have learned from using the program.
3)    Screenshot your rating and comments and send me an email with the screenshot included.
4)    In the subject line, write “Two Freebies/Rating”.
5)    I will email you a copy of my presentation on Classroom Management and another on How the Build Your Choral Program.  It is a $20 value!

Freebie for Teachers who Post about S-Cubed on Social Media!
Ready for Level TWO?  Share a post about your work with Level ONE and get Level TWO for free!
It’s a $150 value…for FREE! 

The way the word is spread about S-Cubed is mostly by teachers who talk with other teachers about how well their children are doing with the program.   Some teachers share at workshops and professional development programs.  Some post on social media using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you and your students have worked on Level ONE, and you would like to get Level TWO, you can get it for FREE if you post on social media and send me a link via email. 

Here is how it works:

1)     What? 
The goal is to show and share your successful work with S-Cubed Sight Singing Program via social media with as many music educator’s as possible. 
2)    How? 
Here are your options.  Pick one or do them all!
a)    Write something positive about your work with the S-Cubed and share it in Facebook groups (For example, “I'm a Choir Director” or "American Choral Directors Association"…there are many others as well) or Tweet about your work on Twitter.  Always tag me!
b)    Post a video of your work or your children’s work with S-Cubed on social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram).  Again…always tag me!
c)    EMAIL the link to your post to me at and write “Social Media/Please send me Level TWO for free” in the subject line.  I’ll send you Level TWO within one week.
3)     When? 
Anytime between August 1-September 15. 
You can initiate a post or you can simply comment on a post someone else has initiated that relates to sight singing.  

Here are the links to my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Make sure you have subscribed to my email list to hear about Facebook “LIVE” sessions, blog posts, YouTube posts and more during the school year ahead!   To subscribe, send me an email at and write “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject line.

Thank you for following my TPT store!   Have a great school year!
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