Data speaks

Do your admins ask you to quantify your work?

Here is some data that requires you to say little.  All you need to do is print it out and hand it to them.

I created S-Cubed to help teachers teach sight singing better to beginners.  

After I created it, I found Music Prodigy.

I created individual homework assignments to complement the work we do daily with S-Cubed, and I offer them only on Music Prodigy.  

One assignment for each example in S-Cubed.

Here are the results:

From day 1 when I started creating this program in 2013, I've believed it should be in every middle school classroom...and every 4/5 program and every program that includes beginners who start after age 14...and there are so many.  

This data supports my original thoughts about that.

Happy New Year!