A letter I sent to Chorus Parents After Adjudication Today

Hello Parents!

Today was a magical day.  Your children were magnificent.  I am so proud of their hard work, dedication, discipline and perseverance.

On Remind, I sent photos of all of the results from every judge.  Some of the comments from the judges were truly amazing.  There were times today when the judges stood up and clapped for the HMS students after they sang.  All four groups received Superior Ratings on their songs and on their sight singing.  This is not an easy accomplishment, and it is something in which they should take great pride. 

I had professional audio recordings done of each group.  Once I recover from the events of today, I will figure out a way to get you copies of the recordings so you can truly appreciate the hard work your children have done.

After I returned from the adjudication, I uploaded several videos from todays events onto YouTube.  If you go to this link and look under "most recent", you will find samples of their work from today.  I've tried to label each one for you so you can find your children.  Some are still processing, but they should all be up and ready for viewing by 7:45 PM. I included videos from all four singing groups.  

Thank you so much for the parent volunteers today who helped to chaperone and take video of the activities of the day.   And thank you to all of the parents who donated on Donor's Choose to help get the students back to school.

The last thing I said to each group today before they sang was a quote from Maya Angelou.  "People forget what you say, but they don't forget how you make them feel."  Your children gave me goose bumps multiple times today, and I have no doubt that the audience was moved in a similar way by their performances.  I firmly believe that your children inspired teachers and children from other schools who heard them sing today.  

Thank you for your support in helping the students learn the importance of working hard and more importantly, the fruits of their labor.  They may stop singing one day, but life lessons like these will serve them for a lifetime.  

With gratitude,

Dale Duncan