Review of my "Middle School New Chorus Teacher Starter Pack"

I created the Middle School New Chorus Teacher Starter Pack for many reasons:

1)  To help teachers understand their middle school singers better.
2)  To give ideas on structure that can help your students.
3)  To give classroom examples of my work with the children.
4)  To expose teachers to S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program for Beginners.
6)  To helps teachers who are just beginning with this age group or who need to hit the reset button.
...and much more.

On most websites, it costs $79, but this week, it is offered at only...get this....$2 on TES.

No lie.

Click to see the review that TES did this week.

Click the link and check it out.
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  1. These are GREAT "Reviews". Thanks for sharing. Middle School.

    Natasa | Mobile