'Getting Started Guide" for Music Prodigy with S-Cubed

Three years ago, someone from Music Prodigy contacted me to see if there was some way that we could collaborate together with my S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for Beginners.

At that time, I had never heard of the company.  After a quick google search and a conversation with a music colleague who is a technology guru, I had an idea!

I could create one-to-one homework examples.  So, I sat down and looked at every sight-singing example I created for my S-Cubed program, and I created a homework example that reinforced the skill sets we learned that day in class with the sight-singing example.  Having never used the program at that time, I had this dream that I would assign a daily homework assignment with Music Prodigy.
That isn't the way I've ended up using it most of the time, but I liked the idea, and I went with it.

The folks at Music Prodigy put the examples up on my homepage, and as I always do, I jumped into the deep end.

I am a person who learns by "doing'!

I loved the program from the first day I used it because the students get immediate feedback, a grade and most importantly, practice!

...But I had no idea how to use the program.  I must have sent 20 emails in the first few months asking questions at support@musicprodigy.com.  The customer service was fast.  As music teachers, we always need it yesterday, and they were on top of it!

So, recently, when they reached out to me and asked me to proofread their "Getting Started Guide" for S-Cubed/Music Prodigy, I was thrilled.

I wish I'd had this document when I started!  I still have lots to learn, so I know it will be helpful going forward as I continue to use Music Prodigy with my singers.

Here is your "Getting Started Guide" for using Music Prodigy with S-Cubed!

It's a free download, so grab it!  This document will help those who are already using Music Prodigy with S-Cubed and those who are considering adding Music Prodigy.

If you've already purchased S-Cubed from Teachers Pay TeachersJW Pepper or from any other outlet where the program is available, you can "Add-on" Music Prodigy for $149 without having to purchase the entire program.

For more information on Music Prodigy and S-Cubed, click here!