Accountability...One of the many reasons I love Music Prodigy in My Middle School Choral Music Classroom

Every voice matters.

I teach over 300 middle school choral music students each and every day.

I've always struggled with the fact that it was difficult to find time to listen to them individually in order to assess them in my classes of up to 84 students, and I've also worked hard to seek ways to hold them individually accountable for their contributions in my very large classes.

So, when I found Music Prodigy, I was elated for so many reasons.  I could finally listen to the students individually on my own time, and I could pick the students I needed and wanted to listen to based on the work my ears had already done in class while they sang in the large group.

Learning any new technology is not easy, but learning this one has been well worth my time.

Today, I have the opportunity to share the fruits of that work.

I received this email after posting the grade for a Music Prodigy assignment:

Hello Mr. Duncan,

Rohan said that he completed the first assignment in class, that was due March 24th. Please speak to him about that. We don't normally let him take his phone to school. But, if that is required to complete assignments we will let him do that from now on.  Thanks.

Note:  I teach in a Title 1 school.  I offer class time for students as a courtesy about once per month. If a child doesn't have a phone to bring to class, I give them an additional month to complete the assignment on their home computers/iPads.  If they have none of those, I allow them to come to my room during the morning after they arrive to school to complete the assignment on the computers in my room.    

My approach is "No excuses."   

Here was my response:

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